Sequoia: Trees Galore

Everyone goes to Sequoia to see the giant trees, and they really are majestic.  Even though we’ve been several times before, it still blows your mind every time you see them.  They are humongous and it’s a reminder of how humbling nature is.  These trees have been standing for hundreds and thousands of years.  It’s crazy to imagine how the world was back when they were just seedlings and what has happened around them all these years.  If trees could talk…

2,700 year old Sequoia tree
Hiking Trail

What’s fascinating about sequoias is their relationship with fire.  Sequoia pine cones only release seeds during forest fires.  The aftermath of the fires provide ash-fertilized soil for the seeds to take root and the fires often burn up accumulated dead leaves and branches that can otherwise smother seeds.  So in order for new trees to spring up, the old tree has to burn.  Everywhere you turn, there are fire scars all over sequoias.  But since the trees are naturally fire resistant and hardy, they survive the fires and keep growing around the scars.  Other trees are not so lucky.

Fire Scar
Ghost of a Tree
Looking Up From Inside a Hollow Tree
View From Inside a Hollow Tree

One trail we hiked on had a controlled burn in process.  The parks do controlled burns every couple of years to help new sequoias grow and it’s part of the conservation process.  In the early days of the national park, the rangers always put out forest fires since it was assumed they were naturally bad for the trees.  But after continued research, they began the change their conservation policies and learned to emulate nature more.

Smoke in the Sunlight from the Controlled Burn

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